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A Devops environment demands shorter development cycles and more automation. Performance testing is complex and time consuming because it still requires human action. How to execute reliable and thorough performance tests in a fast-paced environment? How to integrate performance testing tools in a DevOps toolchain?

This conference will teach you the best practices to include reliable performance testing into your Devops development process:

  • What is the impact of Devops on the performance testing practice?
  • How to integrate your performance testing solution into a Devops tool chain?
  • What parts of performance testing can you automate in a Devops environment?
  • How are the roles of performance testers evolving? Can performance testing evolve into performance engineering?

About Henrik Rexed

Performance Engineer,

As a performance engineer at Neotys - leading provider in load testing software - Henrik Rexed has been conducting and orchestrating performance testing for more than a decade. Henrik has successfully delivered various projects in many different contexts and in some of the most demanding business areas.

Henrik has a history as .NET-architect and performance testing expert for large accounts in retail, energy, insurance and automotive industry.

One of Henrikā€™s major achievements is the installation of a performance center of excellence for load testing on all European branches of a major insurance company.


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