Why the meaning for agile is not agile ?



Delivering your software product or service from early concept to live and into maintenance is hard work. I have seen and been in a lot of teams and companies adopting an agile way of working in the hope to change this. It doesn’t.

Does this mean the secret sauce to success is not in your framework or methodology? But why are we contributing faster delivery, better quality, more ownership and many other benefits to this agile way of working? Where is the link between practice and the vague guidelines of how to think about certain values over others?

Working at King taught me to forget about the sauce. Creating a game is and always will be hard. But fortunately, there are some flavors that help you through the uncertainty and unpredictability of change.

About Peter Duelen

Agile Coach,
CTG Belgium

Experienced Agile Test Manager and Team Lead with 20 years of testing experience of which 9 in agile environments. His projects cover e-Learnig platforms, finance and healthcare applications, telecom client portals and some of the best-known games in both the PC and mobile market.

His agile and coaching skills are results and KPI-driven but with a pragmatic approach and a deep care for enabling people to deliver on their commitment in a positive way. Peter motivates people on team- and director level through respectful and open communication with focus on achieving business goals.

He has a deep understanding of the dynamics in structured and agile testing techniques, continuous improvement, E2E delivery and setting up or scaling environments.