Enterprise DevOps - Build and deliver better software faster



Unleash the power of DevOps across hybrid IT—quickly bringing innovative ideas to life at the pace your business demands.

Agile and DevOps typically start at the Team level, in this presentation we will show you what is needed to scale up from Agile/DevOps at the team level to Enterprise DevOps. And this based on 4 focus areas

• Build on what works: by bridging the old and new technologies as you navigate the change

• Reduce operational friction: by optimizing value streams from request to business value

• Boost business confidence: by engineering quality and security into every application, solution or product

• Deliver better outcomes: by leveraging feedback and analytics to continuously improve.

All of these will be explained and illustrated with real examples, based on real Customers, coming from different industries.

About Kristof Goossens

Presales Consultant ADM/DevOps, Micro Focus

Kristof has been working in Quality related projects for over 14 years, covering different aspects like Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Test Automation, etc.

In his current role as a Presales Consultant at Micro Focus, he's covering Quality topics in an ever-expanding scope: from supporting ADMazing Core IT projects, that are being developed in Waterfall, to the latest Fluid IT projects, typically being developed in Agile methodologies, both leading to full Enterprise DevOps where both worlds might come together.


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