The Hollow Square I


The Hollow Square game is a communications experiment which will help you better understand the importance of collaboration in a DevOps context.

Experience this thrilling learning event that challenges three groups to work together and communicate efficiently. The purpose of the workshop is to demonstrate and experience the need for interaction between planners, implementers, and evaluators when planning and implementing a project.

About Jochen Gyssels

Unit Manager Application Solutions, CTG

Over several years, Jochen gained a broad working experience in different domains, and is completely at home in IT Service Management, Testing and Application Development.

As the Belgian Unit Manager for Application Solutions since a number of years, he has been instrumental in some of CTG’s largest application projects of the past decades, and he is a true driving force behind many of CTG Europe's strategic initiatives like Scaled Agile and DevOps.

Always looking at new possibilities and valuable learnings, he never ceases to explore different tracks, and will host a most interesting and engaging workshop at moveIT 2019.


About Bert Fabry

Project Manager, CTG

Evolving from a programming background, Bert Fabry has been active for over 15 years in project management & analysis. Since adopting agile, he has been a pragmatic agile advocate who tries to find value in everything he sees and does.