Where’s my job?



SCRUM Master, DevOps Engineer, Tribe Lead, Agile Ninja, … So many new job titles, but so few people that understand what they actually mean.

IT has changed, is changing and will continue to change. Are we prepared for that? Are our companies, recruiters and HR departments ready for that?

What does it take to be a valuable team member nowadays? Which skills and techniques are expected in your IT toolbox? What competences are recruiters and companies looking for? Should I be worried about my retention rates? And if so, which activities can I undertake to boost the retention in my organization?

The differences between the companies and their expectations, the current (IT) skill sets and the future competence model will be highlighted, including tips and guidance how to tackle these upcoming challenges.

About Michaël Pilaeten

Learning & Development Manager, CTG

Breaking the system, helping to rebuild it and providing advice and guidance how to avoid problems. That is me in a nutshell. With 14 years of experience in test consultancy in a variety of environments, I have seen the best (and worst) in software development.

In my current role as Learning & Development Manager, I'm responsible for guiding our consultants, partners and customers on their personal and professional path towards excellence.


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