ITIL4, connecting the dots


In February 2019 Axelos decided to release ITIL4. It was time to ramp up ITIL in such a way that it would provide the guidance needed for anyone in the service management business to grasp "Value".

In this session, we will investigate if there is indeed value provided. How does ITIL connect with the Agile mindset of today? Can it really be integrated as part of your DevOps activities? Is the flexibility built-in or is it just "small talk"?

We will guide you through the new service architecture ITIL4 proposes, to ensure you can understand it's full potential.

And finally, as the ITIL4 version continues to grow & expand, we will provide a glimpse on their roadmap.

About Eddy Peters

Senior Process Consultant & ITIL Expert, CTG

As a Service Management Expert with over 25 years experience in various IT positions, Eddy always aims at bridging the gap between business and IT, working out solutions which allow to take the next step. In today's world, where Agile and other transformations are severely impacting the behaviour and way of working of many organisations, Eddy is continuously involved in ensuring that existing processes can meet new challenges, and that long-standing frameworks like ITIL can cope with this type of evolutions. Eddy is a certified ITIL expert and trainer, and is a board member of ITSMf Belgium, Senior Process Consultant and ITIL Expert, CTG


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