OPS for NoOPS/ Noobs


The DevOps methodology is changing our ways of working, our methods of collaboration and the ideas behind proper software development. Ideally, it brings together stakeholders with different perspectives and objectives, such as business representatives, developers, analysts, testers and support engineers.

However, the IT bible for most Ops Engineers is ITSM flavoured and seasoned with sprinkles of ITIL. But how do you merge such a process mindset with an agile-ish concept of valuing people over processes? Or the lean principle to reduce “waste” such as elaborate processes and strict configuration management?

This presentation allows you to experience a dive into the wondrous DevOps world, from a new point of view. A view for people that have ample DevOps knowledge (the n00bs) or for people that have little to no idea what OPS is all about.

What are the tricks to introduce DevOps in a smooth fashion? How can you make your DevOps organisation function in a more efficient and effective way? Is there some low-hanging fruit to be found? Join this session and find out!

About Michaël Pilaeten

Learning & Development Manager, CTG

Breaking the system, helping to rebuild it and providing advice and guidance how to avoid problems. That is me in a nutshell. With 14 years of experience in test consultancy in a variety of environments, I have seen the best (and worst) in software development.

In my current role as Learning & Development Manager, I'm responsible for guiding our consultants, partners and customers on their personal and professional path towards excellence.


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