To Game or Not To Game?


A Game? But how will a game help us pass the certificate!

That is precisely one of the challenges we face in our Industry. Although a certificate provides value, real value comes from translating theory into practice.
But why a game?
Do you recognize this?
  • We sent people on certification training but things haven’t really improved?
  • We sent ITSM people onto the training but the Agile, DevOps and senior leadership don’t see the value of ITIL! How do we get them on-board?
  • We have the certificate but what now?
Answering these questions takes time, effort, frustration and sometimes pain…..or does it!
In this session we will explore how, in one day, by using a business simulation game organizations have answered these questions AND captured agreed end-to-end improvements to apply immediately.
A Game!?- Nice to have or NEED to have? Theory to practice, knowledge to results, buy-in and commitment….or do you just want the certificate!

About Paul Wilkinson

Owner/ director of GamingWorks

Paul has been involved in the IT industry for more than 25 years and has a broad background in IT operations, IT management and product innovation and development.
He was an ITIL V2 author and member of the ITIL V3 advisory group.
In 2003, Paul co-founded GamingWorks, designers of Serious Business Simulations, serving a worldwide network.
In this capacity, over the years Paul has facilitated 400+ sims for a wide variety of customers across all different sectors (Telco, Industry, Finance,..). Gamingworks is a long-term partner of CTG.


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