Why history doesn't always repeat itself


For decades, ITIL has been the basis for most IT Service Management organisations. In fact, it's been around for so long, most people have already forgotten how it all started.

With the focus in a lot of companies shifting to other things over recent years, and the DevOps world bringing a different mindset, it may even seem to some of us dinosaurs that we're all trying to reinvent the wheel. Or possibly, that we've forgotten why we need that wheel at all.

So it's time to take a small trip down memory lane to look at how ITIL has evolved and how we got where we are today.

And more importantly: Let's figure out why history shouldn't - and won't - repeat itself!

About Jo Herroelen

Solution Architect, CTG

With 20 years of experience, Jo has a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. From an operational background he moved into the world of IT Service Management, combining processes and tools.

Expanding that with Application Support and Project implementations, and working as Project Manager and PMO, he moved into various consultancy roles in different sectors. In recent years, Jo has been active as a Solution Architect at CTG, allowing him to focus on a wide array of topics. Important components there are recent market evolutions within the ITSM world, the necessary adaptations to Agile Service Management and pragmatic ways of bringing this into an organisation.

As such, he is also a certified trainer for specific Business Simulation games like The Phoenix Project.


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