From fear to control, why every employee should embrace RPA


IT is evolving fast. Not only is IT confronted with DevOps, increasing the pace of changes and bringing faster value to the business, but now business is asking IT to even do their tasks.

In this session, we will focus on how your organization and your employees can embrace and even become the catalyst to increase value creation directly within your business processes.

Ensuring that RPA technology serves your business, your job, your career, … day after day.

About Vincent Fransman

Solution Architect, CTG

With 25 years of experience, Vincent has gone through many roles where ICT played a central part. Starting with providing ‘configure to purpose’ business solutions and automations, he quickly entered the world of IT operations. In this area of expertise, he focused on technology and outcome, and how to embed these tools into the day-to-day life of organisations.

In his role of Solution Achitect, he gained insights and knowledge of a wide variety of solutions from different vendors, all fitting to different aspects needed within an operational framework, ranging from Monitoring and IT Service Management to Automation.

Without abandoning the value of the "traditional" solutions, he also follows the latest evolutions in the market like DevOps, ITIL4 and RPA and looks at how this can enrich todays organisations and their operational needs.


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