The caveman challenge


Since the dark times of the Ice Age, mankind has struggled to overcome our own fears of the unknown. Yet harnessing the power of Fire has been key to our survival.

In a very similar way, the challenges we face in IT today - like going for RPA - represent not only a real necessity, but huge opportunities as well.

But are there different sides to the story of RPA? Could it be there's more to it than just implementing a tool? Is there more than just 1 reason to do it? What do we need to think about, before we can take those steps?

Come and find out!

About Jo Herroelen

Solution Architect, CTG

With 20 years of experience, Jo has a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. From an operational background he moved into the world of IT Service Management, combining processes and tools.

As Solution Architect at CTG, he gets to work with a wide array of topics and challenges.

Important components there are recent market evolutions within the ITSM world, and necessary adaptations to Agile Service Management, Process Automation and Performance, and pragmatic ways of bringing this into an organisation.


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