Is Survival of the Fittest Only for the Fastest?



Test automation, continuous integration, pipelines… the need for speed increased exponentially over the last decade.

Applying Darwin’s theory, it is quite simple: only the fittest - in this case the fastest - will survive. Traditional, manual testers are like a rhinoceros… in danger of extinction.

But even these fast rages have their shortcomings, like the automation paradox or automation blindness.

In his presentation Wim explains why "slow" testing is still there and which survival techniques (like Transform to a no-sheep tester, Think glocally, Get a fika) you need as a manual tester.


About Wim Demey

Solution Architect, CTG

With 20 years of experience in software testing Wim has gradually evolved to a versatile generalist covering several aspects of testing. Driven by versatility and a great eagerness to learn new things, he is always looking how and where he can stretch his comfort zone to deal with new challenges. It enables him to operate with a helicopter view, as well as to discuss details.