Enterprise Test Management Right Inside Jira with KBC Group



In this presentation, we’ll go through how Adaptavist Test Management enables KBC Group to accelerate delivery and improve the quality of their products by managing test cases and tracking test execution right inside Jira.

We'll cover the following areas:

  • Challenges using native Jira capabilities for test management
  • How Adaptavist Test Management provides a single comprehensive source of truth for quality management inside Jira
  • Why KBC group migrated from HP Quality Centre to Adaptavist Test Management with Jira
  • The evaluation process of how and why KBC Group chose Adaptavist Test Management over its competitors
  • How KBC group have increased manual and automated tests efficiency with Adaptavist Test Management

About Cristiano Caetano

Product Owner,
Adaptavist Test Manager


About Vitor Pelizza

Development Lead,
Adaptavist Test Manager


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