Succeeding with DevOps behind the firewall



Software teams operating in self-managed or regulated tools environment don't have to resign themselves to slow release cycles. In fact, world class teams are creating competitive advantage in collaboration with their broader organisations by shipping high quality code more often, despite real world constraints.

Join Bitbucket product advocate, Malik Mangier, to learn about Atlassian's philosophy on the rise of DevOps and the importance of people, processes and supporting tools. He'll share what's new in the Server and Data Center family of products to help you on your way, going beyond JIRA Software with key developer tools to scale your success, and finding ways to move ever faster... even in the most heavily regulated industries.

About Malik Mangier

Product Advocate,

Malik is a Software Engineer turned Product Advocate for Atlassian. Being a Product Advocate means helping Software Developers to quickly understand the solutions that Atlassian can offer; By providing both highly technical (product functionality, installation and configuration, requirements gathering and technical workarounds) and non-technical (features, pricing and licensing) pre-sales assistance to inquiries. This also includes participating in major conferences in order to share some of the software development best practices that Atlassian has learned over the past 15 years.


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