Agile and Service Management, a happy couple?


If Agile stands for “able to think and understand quickly” and Service Management stands for “ the process of dealing with or controlling services” , how should Agile Service Management be defined?

Based on my definition, we take a closer look on how an Agile mindset creates possibilities to improve your service delivery practices.

I'll let you in on a little secret: You don’t have to invest in new frameworks to become Agile in Service Management.

We will explore opportunities for “agilizing” (is that even a word?) your service management practice today.

And for those who can wait till tomorrow, we take a closer look how VerISM proposes to be agile.

About Eddy Peters

Senior Process Consultant and ITIL Expert,CTG Belgium
As a Service Management Expert with plus 25 years experience in various IT positions, Eddy always aims at bridging the gap between business and IT, working out solutions which allow to take the next step.

In todays world, where Agile and other transformations are severely impacting the behavior and way of working of many organisations, Eddy is continuously involved in ensuring that existing processes can meet new challenges, and that long-standing frameworks like ITIL can cope with this type of evolutions.

Eddy is a certified ITIL expert and trainer, and is a board member of ITSMf Belgium.


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