Agile Based Turnkey Projects


Agile is great. But is the adaptable scope approach within your reach? We sympathize: we all know that feeling as a service provider that business just wants to know how much their request will cost and by when it will be ready. Turnkey projects with fixed price and fixed scope are still the norm. This does not mean however, you cannot reap the benefits of agile.

This session covers how you can deliver your projects in a fixed price - fixed scope mode, and still be agile while doing it. I know, it sounds crazy.

About David Lauryssen

Solution Architect, CTG Belgium

After years of experience as a test engineer and developer, David turned his focus to customer collaboration and team efficiency.

For the last 10 years, he is active as pre-sales, project manager and team lead for application delivery teams. Each project, David wants to implement the scope with as minimal stress as possible for everyone involved.


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