Agile – mind the gap!



Agile transformations often start with brilliant thinking and brilliant ideas. And brilliant is exactly what they are.

Their implementation however is often a painful track full of confusion, frustrations, anxiety,… due to neglecting the gap which people have to overcome in an Agile transformation.

Having insight into what we're often neglecting and why those mistakes are so easy to make is the essential step in overcoming the Agile gap.

About Stefan de Cap

Test manager, CTG

Stefan works as test manager at CTG and brings over 15 years of experience to the stage.

After all those years still more passionate about testing than ever before and willing to keep on learning and exploring the magical world of IT with a strong focus on people.

It is that "people focus" which inspired me for today’s talk!


About Tijs Hillewaert

Front-end developer, CTG

Tijs is active as a front-end Web and Mobile developer at CTG.

Even as a young professional, and looking at IT with a pair of fresh eyes, he's already witnessed first-hand the effects of an Agile transformation on the projects he's been involved with.

That served as an inspiration to share his learnings and experiences on various aspects of handling a transformation towards an agile environment.


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