Failing fast: The road to mediocrity



With continuous exploration of customer needs, talking to business and agility being the go-to principles on the tip of many tongues, “fail fast” is often repeated as a mantra towards succeeding and responding to the many changes needed to steer teams and companies into new ways of working.

No-one likes to fail however. Doing so, even in a fast and agile way leads to a broken idea, a fear of rejection that will not lead to the promised success, no matter from which direction you approach it.

It will leave you with a feeling that there simply could have been “more”. More awesome, more special, more of an aha-moment.

I invite you to join this trip through a little bit of history to show that there is a very careful balance to uphold between "understanding" and "failing", and to see what we can do today to put the "Oomph" in success!

About Peter Duelen

Agile Coach, CTG

With over a decade of agile experience in e-Learning platforms, Finance and Healthcare applications, Telecom client portals and some of the best-known games in both the PC and mobile market, Peter is an experienced and hands-on coach who has been building and supporting teams through start-ups and transformations.

His agile and coaching skills hold the balance between being data-driven, staying pragmatic and showing a deep care for enabling people to deliver on their commitment in a positive way.

Peter motivates people on team and director level through respectful and open communication with focus on achieving business goals.


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