Where to from here?



BPM, RPA, BPA, process and document automation ... It can all be a bit overwhelming. Listen to guidance and practical recommendations on where to start and what you can do tomorrow to put your organisation on the right path to achieve your digital transformation objectives. Follow these tips and you’ll be a process management and workflow hero in no time!

About Kieran Coughlan

Principal Consultant at Nintex

Kieran Coughlan is a process excellence specialist, experienced in helping organisations gain unique insight into their business.

Kieran has helped local government councils and Fortune 500 companies alike take an honest look at the processes that make up an organisation. He specialises in educating businesses in how to treat their processes as assets.

He is a strong believer that simple tools and organisational support are the keys to a successful pursuit of process excellence. With his background in financial software development and passion for process, Kieran is helping organisations all over the world identify, improve, automate and own their business processes using the Nintex platform.


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