Bob Daelman

Bob Daelman,
CTG Vice President
Belgium, Health Solutions, United Kingdom

Be Inspired

10 Years ago, the concept of DevOps first saw the light in Ghent. Since then, many organisations have begun to explore this way of working, creating efficient teams and becoming more agile.

CTG understands that setting the right course for your organisation can be a difficult task. That’s why, for the next stage of our moveIT journey, we invite you to explore the DevOps realisations and challenges that organisations are experiencing today.

We are happy to help you to navigate through this digital jungle with our expertise and insights, gained from our real-life projects, cooperation with our customers, and reliable partner network.

The inspiration you will gain from these success stories will act as your compass in the storms ahead.

Sessions come in 3 separate tracks, allowing you to schedule this afternoon to your own preferences. On top of this, we throw in two exciting workshops as an extra bonus: "The Hollow Square", highlighting the challenges of collaboration and communication, and "The Phoenix Project™ Walkthrough", giving you a taste of one of the strongest business simulation games in the market today. Mr Paul Wilkinson himself will take you through the game, and share his C-Level insights with you!

In between, there wil be ample time to meet your peers, or chat with our specialists.

At the end of what is going to be a very captivating afternoon, the closing keynote session is reserved for Mr Jef Staes. Jef is an authority on learning processes, innovation and culture change, supporting organisations to find a comprehensive answer to the changing dynamics of today’s market.

Why you should attend

You fancy the content of our seminar but you prefer to find your info on the internet?
Please consider that at live events you can …

Grab educational opportunities
The educational aspect of the conference can expose you to new ways of conducting your business and help you discover how to be more productive. No matter how experienced you are at your business, everyone can learn.

Network with peers
Meet peers from a variety of Industry sectors, and share thoughts and ideas during the various networking moments, to spark new opportunities for your own business.

Encounter new vendors and suppliers
Discover innovative products and services from our partners for your business to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

And let’s not forget about the fun…
Being in business should be rewarding and fun. Our conference adds a layer of enjoyment to your career by mixing a social aspect into your learning and industry branding efforts.


06 Jun '19




Event Location

De Waerboom - Waerboomhof
Jozef Mertensstraat 140,

1702 Groot-Bijgaarden

Meet the specialists

Kieran Coughlan

Principal Consultant at Nintex

Stefan de Cap

Test manager, CTG

Wim Demey

Solution Architect, CTG

Peter Duelen

Agile Coach, CTG

Bert Fabry

Project Manager, CTG

Kristof Goossens

Presales Consultant ADM/DevOps, Micro Focus

Jochen Gyssels

Unit Manager Application Solutions, CTG

Tijs Hillewaert

Front-end developer, CTG

Eddy Peters

Senior Process Consultant & ITIL Expert, CTG

Michaël Pilaeten

Learning & Development Manager, CTG

Henrik Rexed

Performance Testing Advocate/ Partner Solution Advocate at Neotys

Jef Staes

Guy Werckx

Managing Director, OMNINET Technologies NV

Paul Wilkinson

Owner/ director of GamingWorks

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