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Efficiency Transformed

On 11th MAY 2023
12:00 PM CET
Events Den Berg, Londerzeel


Pieter Vanhaecke

Bob Daelman,
Senior Vice President Europe
Managing Director Belgium

Be Inspired

In today’s world, companies are facing a multitude of challenges. Whether it is the international crisis affecting your company ’s financial situation, the unstable energy market, the need for sustainability or the War for Talent: All of these give us a set of problems to solve, and will be drivers for change and transformation within any company.

But how do you tackle this? Where do you start?

Well, at CTG, we believe focusing on Efficiency will be a crucial part of the solution.

Now, there are many different angles to this concept of “Efficiency”. And yes, of course in IT we know that Automation is one part of it. But we want to go beyond that.

We’ll bring together a set of experts to explore different ways of working, and investigate how we can increase human efficiency in your organization. This can be through a different approach of your Flow, it can be by using well-established tool suites in different and new ways, or simply by introducing certain capabilities which you haven’t incorporated so far.

So together with some of our partners, we’re inviting you to come and take a closer look. It will be an outtake of our broad solution portfolio, staying in tune with what you need, and helping you to Transform Efficiency when it matters most.

Why you should attend

Grab educational opportunities
The educational aspect of these presentations will expose you to new ways of conducting your business and help you discover how to be more productive. No matter how experienced you are at your business, everyone can learn.

We've been where you want to go
No need to reinvent the wheel if others have already taken the road you want to take. Our presenters are speaking from experience and are happy to share this with you.

Innovation and thought leadership
Discover innovative ways to drive quality in your own - digitally transformed - world and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

And last but not least: let’s not forget about the fun…
Being in business should be rewarding and fun. Our presentations have been voted 'best in class' on big international fora. Get ready for a pleasant experience at the start/end of your business day!

11th May 2023

Events Den Berg,

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Event Location

Events Den Berg
Bergkapelstraat 98,
1840 Londerzeel

Meet the specialists

Davy Benoot

Agile Coach, CTG

Jonas Claessens

Implementation Architect, CTG

Stefan de Cap

Test manager, CTG

Wessel De Vries

Partner Manager at Keepit

Wim Decoutere

Learning & Development Expert, CTG

Wim Demey

Solution Architect, CTG

Tom Derekx

Test Engineer and Scrum Master, CTG

Wouter Emael

Solution Architect, Agile enthousiast and coach, CTG

Aurora Gaimon

Jochen Gyssels

Director AIS Europe, CTG

Claudine Koers

Business Development Manager at GamingWorks BV

Eddy Peters

Principal ITSM Consultant & ITIL Expert, CTG

Michaël Pilaeten

Learning & Development Manager, CTG

Hermina Van Coillie

Senior Consultant & Motivation Expert

Claire Van Der Meulen

Agile Coach / Implementation Architect, CTG

Jeroen Van Hecke

Performance Test Engineer, CTG

Harald Wentein

Sr Microsoft Power Platform GTM Lead

Paul Wilkinson

Grumpy old man in IT

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