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Since its foundation in 2017, CTG’s moveIT seminars have always been focusing on sharing experiences on how to bring your IT to the next level. Over the years we have been demonstrating best practices in the new era of IT. This virtual edition is certainly no exception.

Nowadays, most organizations are fully committed to making their Digital Transformation a success. We understand that you are now rapidly moving ahead, and looking for ways to further Accelerate and Improve your Value delivery.

In this moveIT edition we bring you several excellent use cases and customer testimonials that stand out as perfect examples of what this can mean for any organization, including yours!

Let them be an inspiration to fully embrace your challenges, and go for an Accelerated Transformation!

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Discover innovative ways to drive quality in your own - digitally transformed - world and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

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Digital Transformation is much more than a buzzword.

In today's digital economy, organizations need to thrive in their transformation journeys.

A lot of organizations pursue digital transformation by embracing streamlined and efficient digital processes. Utilizing powerful technology for process automation is key to dramatically increase productivity.

This panel discussion highlights a number of key elements that make a difference in successful business transformation.

About Jochen Gyssels

Director of Application and Information Solutions, CTG Europe
Jochen played a key role in many Digital Transformation journeys and gained a broad working experience in different digital domains.

He is a highly driven and creative IT Solutions professional, ambituous in building high-performing teams that make a difference in true digital transformation to help customers achieve growth and business value.


About Andrew Murphy

Vice President of Sales EMEA, Nintex
Andrew has 25 years of experience working in the IT industry. As a computer science graduate of Newcastle University in England he developed, architected and implemented automation solutions for enterprise organizations for the first 20 years of his career.

He joined K2 in 2007 and from 2014 ran the EMEA and Global Pre-sales teams. In 2017 he took over as VP of EMEA running a highly successful sales business through direct, partner and distributor operations. Andrew has a real passion for technology and how together with great people it can help customers transform their organizations.


1:45 PM CET


30 years.

That is how long Materialise has been an innovative company in an industry with the potential to disrupt a big part of the make industry. As we grew into a leading global additive manufacturing software provider, we also moved from an unconsciously agile organization into an organization where managing strategy and alignment across different teams, units and regions turned out to be a challenge. As the organization reached new highs, things like functional silos and hierarchy found their way in. While certainly providing some benefits, they also made us lose part of our ability to quickly respond to market challenges.

Today, both start-ups and existing players in the market are forcing us to rethink our ways of working. Putting lean agile principles and practices again full front and center, to stay ahead of the competition.

In this session, we want to share some of the highlights and achievements on our journey towards business agility so far, as well as some of the challenges we see for the immediate future.

About Thomas Moens

Solution Manager, Materialise
Thomas started as a software developer at Materialise in 2003.

He experienced first-hand the growth of a Belgian start-up with less than 200 employees, to a global organization of over 2000 employees. In this period, Thomas performed multiple roles, going from software developer, project manager, development manager, product management director to solution manager.

More recently, after being inspired by the agile movement years ago, Thomas has also taken an active role as a change agent in the lean-agile transformation at Materialise Software.


2:20 PM CET


If you look up the definition of “Digital Transformation”, you will find something like:

“Digital Transformation is the adoption of digital technology to transform services or businesses, through replacing non-digital or manual processes with digital processes or replacing older digital technology with newer digital technology". Now, that means one hundred different things, and nothing, and says nothing about the "Why?".

The reasons for business to embrace newer digital technology are very diverse and usually have an intention to improve the current set-up, situation or way of working.

Sometimes that reason is more straightforward and is just the difference between being able to continue to work or not.

In this session, we will share a customer story, in which “transformation at speed” (and in the midst of a pandemic) was absolutely required, to be able to keep the business up and running.

About Kris Knaepen

Project Manager, CTG Belgium

Kris is an IT project manager with more than 20 years of experience in various domains.

He started his career in the more technical domains like UNIX system and network administration, after which he moved over to the process and process tool side of the IT world. Over the last few years, this broad background is helping him to manage large contact center migrations and expansion projects.

Kris recently onboarded into a cloud contact center program, to help set up this service and roll this out globally for his customer.


2:55 PM CET


Mobile apps have taken over large parts of the software industry. These apps and games vary in size, complexity, business model, price and lifespan, which makes it difficult as a software professional to create your own toolkit to verify and validate the quality of these apps. There are, however, quite some industry secrets embedded in those pieces of software.

This talk will help you - as a tester, but also as a developer or analyst - to better understand how apps are created (or should be created). I will elaborate on the design patterns in these apps and how users are unconsciously tricked into spending more time on their smartphone or tablet.

How can we verify the efficiency and effectiveness of the design pattern, even improve the pattern based on our feedback, or take a step back and try to get rid of our digital addictions?

Come and find out!

About Michaël Pilaeten

Learning & Development Manager, CTG

Breaking the system, helping to rebuild it and providing advice and guidance on how to avoid problems. That is Michaël in a nutshell. With 14 years of experience in test consultancy in a variety of environments, he has seen the best (and worst) in software development.

In his current role as Learning & Development Manager, Michaël is responsible for guiding our consultants, partners and customers on their personal and professional path towards excellence.


3:30 PM CET


Ignoring paperless and digitalization projects nowadays in our daily and professional life is nearly impossible. However, going paperless and digital just to become ‘digital’, is not generating a lot of increased value on its own.

The power of digitalization can have a much higher impact, when upfront strategic thinking on how data should look like, how it is structured, what data formats are required for data analytics, etc. is done.

Some key takeaways of a global standardized digitalization project to improve operational efficiency, faster-to-market strategy, data analytics and increased compliance and audit-readiness, will be discussed in this presentation.

About Michael De Bode

Sr. Risk & Compliance Specialist, CTG Belgium

Michael De Bode is a Senior Risk & Compliance Specialist within CTG’s Regulatory Compliance Unit.

Within the pharmaceutical industry, he is specialized for more than 10 years in implementing compliant global paperless Lab Method Execution systems.

In all these years, Michael has intensively been involved in the shift from paper to paperless execution, which is now being improved to a more structured and standardized data-driven set-up; Paperless 2.0.

Acting as a global instrument interface specialist, the importance of data analytics with the collected instrument data is becoming more and more important, e.g. predictive maintenance enabled with AI.

Michael is an enthusiastic motivational speaker, willing to share his knowledge with others.


4:00 PM CET

20th May 2021


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Michael De Bode

Sr. Risk & Compliance Specialist, CTG Belgium

Jochen Gyssels

Director of Application and Information Solutions, CTG Europe

Kris Knaepen

Project Manager, CTG Belgium

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Solution Manager, Materialise

Andrew Murphy

Vice President of Sales EMEA, Nintex

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Learning & Development Manager, CTG

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