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Bob Daelman,
CTG Vice President
Belgium, Health Solutions, United Kingdom

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In recent years we've seen the rise of DevOps with all its variations, and we can't imagine a world without the Cloud or other modern technologies anymore. Everything has evolved to Digital Business, while focusing on Value has become the key to our digital existence.

As a result, both IT and business organisations are undergoing drastic changes to adapt to this mindset. Yet we still have a lot of our human co-workers spending their time on manual, low-value activities.

Robotic Process Automation (or RPA) is an emerging form of technology, sustaining existing processes, based on the notion of metaphorical "software robot" workers, often combined with artificial intelligence (AI).

CTG understands that many organisations are still reluctant to embrace RPA, due to perceived risks to quality and reputation. On top of that, putting that extra punch in your processes - both in business and in IT - is not always an easy task.

But nowadays reliable partners with their expertise combined with the right technological platforms càn support this technique in the right way for your organisation. RPA has become sufficiently mature, resilient, scalable and reliable to make this approach viable for use in your enterprise:

The time for excuses is over, it’s time for RPA!

In this morning seminar, we invite you to explore the possibilities RPA offers.

We are happy to provide you with the necessary insights to help you discover where to go, what the main pitfalls are, and what RPA can bring for your own organisation.

The understanding you will gain from this will act as your compass in the upcoming Age of Robotics.

As the next event in in our “moveIT”- series - which focuses on all aspects of your Digital Transformation journey - we’re presenting this as a morning seminar. Sessions will come in 1 general track, allowing you to gain information in an effective and concise manner.

Not only will some of our own specialists take the stage, they will be joined by 2 international experts: Mr Patel and Mr Kirkwood from our partner UiPath will share their C-Level insights with you, and will also discuss where the RPA technology of today is going.

At the end of what is going to be a very captivating morning, we'll provide you with ample time to meet your peers, or chat with our specialists.

Why you should attend

You fancy the content of our seminar but you prefer to find your info on the internet?
Please consider that at live events you can …

Grab educational opportunities
The educational aspect of the conference can expose you to new ways of conducting your business and help you discover how to be more productive. No matter how experienced you are at your business, everyone can learn.

Network with peers
Meet peers from a variety of Industry sectors, and share thoughts and ideas during the various networking moments, to spark new opportunities for your own business.

Encounter new vendors and suppliers
Discover innovative products and services from our partners for your business to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

And let’s not forget about the fun…
Being in business should be rewarding and fun. Our conference adds a layer of enjoyment to your career by mixing a social aspect into your learning and industry branding efforts.




Since the dark times of the Ice Age, mankind has struggled to overcome our own fears of the unknown. Yet harnessing the power of Fire has been key to our survival.

In a very similar way, the challenges we face in IT today - like going for RPA - represent not only a real necessity, but huge opportunities as well.

But are there different sides to the story of RPA? Could it be there's more to it than just implementing a tool? Is there more than just 1 reason to do it? What do we need to think about, before we can take those steps?

Come and find out!

About Jo Herroelen

Solution Architect, CTG

With 20 years of experience, Jo has a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. From an operational background he moved into the world of IT Service Management, combining processes and tools.

As Solution Architect at CTG, he gets to work with a wide array of topics and challenges.

Important components there are recent market evolutions within the ITSM world, and necessary adaptations to Agile Service Management, Process Automation and Performance, and pragmatic ways of bringing this into an organisation.




IT is evolving fast. Not only is IT confronted with DevOps, increasing the pace of changes and bringing faster value to the business, but now business is asking IT to even do their tasks.

In this session, we will focus on how your organization and your employees can embrace and even become the catalyst to increase value creation directly within your business processes.

Ensuring that RPA technology serves your business, your job, your career, … day after day.

About Vincent Fransman

Solution Architect, CTG

With 25 years of experience, Vincent has gone through many roles where ICT played a central part. Starting with providing ‘configure to purpose’ business solutions and automations, he quickly entered the world of IT operations. In this area of expertise, he focused on technology and outcome, and how to embed these tools into the day-to-day life of organisations.

In his role of Solution Achitect, he gained insights and knowledge of a wide variety of solutions from different vendors, all fitting to different aspects needed within an operational framework, ranging from Monitoring and IT Service Management to Automation.

Without abandoning the value of the "traditional" solutions, he also follows the latest evolutions in the market like DevOps, ITIL4 and RPA and looks at how this can enrich todays organisations and their operational needs.




Manish will discuss the story of UiPath: Where it started, where we are now and where is the industry heading. He will showcase some of the common challenges facing adoption and deployment as well UiPath’s roadmap including AI.

About Manish Patel

Director, Pre-Sales Northern Europe, UiPath

Manish Patel has been in RPA over that last 7 years building and architecting robotic automations for the Tier 1 Fortune 500 companies globally. He helps customers in many different industries extract the benefit by adopting RPA with hard and tangible results.




In this session, Guy discusses how automation and AI are affecting not only business but societies across the world.

We’ll look at the future of work and what we all need to do to ensure we can thrive in an automation-first world.

About Guy Kirkwood

Chief evangelist, UiPath

Guy Kirkwood, as chief evangelist of UiPath, is using RPA and AI to reboot work with a robot for every person. Joining in 2015 when UiPath was 27 people in one city, Guy has helped the company to grow to 3,500 people across 26 countries; and from $1m to $300m, making UiPath the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history.



28 Nov '19

Holiday Inn
Brussels Airport



Event Location

Holiday Inn Brussels Airport
Holidaystraat 7,

1831 Diegem

Meet the specialists

Vincent Fransman

Solution Architect, CTG

Jo Herroelen

Solution Architect, CTG

Guy Kirkwood

Chief evangelist, UiPath

Manish Patel

Director, Pre-Sales Northern Europe, UiPath


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