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Bob Daelman,
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For decades now, ITIL has been the industry standard as a best practices framework for delivering IT services.

Over the years it has evolved several times, each time guiding organisations to adapt to the situation at hand. The most recent launch of ITIL4 earlier this year seeks to address the specific challenges of Agile Service Management.

CTG understands that the success of DevOps and Agile, and the increasing pace of Digital Transformation activities not only affect your Development and Quality Assurance teams but also push the Operations departments in your organisation to join in.

In this morning seminar, we invite you to explore the possibilities ITIL4 offers.

We are happy to provide you with the necessary insights to help you discover where you can and want to go with this, and what it can bring for your own organisation.

The understanding you will gain from this will act as your compass in the storms ahead.

As the next event in in our “moveIT”- series - which focusses on all aspects of your Digital Transformation journey - we’re presenting this as a morning seminar. Sessions will come in 1 general track, allowing you to gain information in an effective and concise manner.

Not only will some of our own specialists take the stage, they will be joined by an international expert. Mr. Paul Wilkinson himself will look at the practical side of things, and share his C-Level insights with you!

At the end of what is going to be a very captivating morning, we'll provide you with ample time to meet your peers, or chat with our specialists.

Why you should attend

You fancy the content of our seminar but you prefer to find your info on the internet?
Please consider that at live events you can …

Grab educational opportunities
The educational aspect of the conference can expose you to new ways of conducting your business and help you discover how to be more productive. No matter how experienced you are at your business, everyone can learn.

Network with peers
Meet peers from a variety of Industry sectors, and share thoughts and ideas during the various networking moments, to spark new opportunities for your own business.

Encounter new vendors and suppliers
Discover innovative products and services from our partners for your business to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced world.

And let’s not forget about the fun…
Being in business should be rewarding and fun. Our conference adds a layer of enjoyment to your career by mixing a social aspect into your learning and industry branding efforts.



About Jo Herroelen




In February 2019 Axelos decided to release ITIL4. It was time to ramp up ITIL in such a way, it would provide the guidance needed for anyone in the service business to grasp value.

In this session, we will investigate if there is value provided. How does ITIL connect with the agile mindset of today? Can really be integrated as part of your devops activities? Is the flexibility build-in or is it just ‘smalltalk’?

We will guide you through the new service architecture ITIL4 proposes, so you understand the potential.

And finally, as the version is still extending, we will provide a glimps on their roadmap.

About Eddy Peters

Senior Process Consultant & ITIL Expert, CTG

As a Service Management Expert with over 25 years experience in various IT positions, Eddy always aims at bridging the gap between business and IT, working out solutions which allow to take the next step. In today's world, where Agile and other transformations are severely impacting the behavior and way of working of many organisations, Eddy is continuously involved in ensuring that existing processes can meet new challenges, and that long-standing frameworks like ITIL can cope with this type of evolutions. Eddy is a certified ITIL expert and trainer, and is a board member of ITSMf Belgium,Senior Process Consultant and ITIL Expert, CTG



About Michaël Pilaeten

Learning & Development Manager, CTG

Breaking the system, helping to rebuild it and providing advice and guidance how to avoid problems. That is me in a nutshell. With 14 years of experience in test consultancy in a variety of environments, I have seen the best (and worst) in software development.

In my current role as Learning & Development Manager, I'm responsible for guiding our consultants, partners and customers on their personal and professional path towards excellence.




A Game? But how will a game help us pass the certificate!

That is precisely one of the challenges we face in our Industry. Although a certificate provides value, real value comes from translating theory into practice.
But why a game?
Do you recognize this?
  • We sent people on certification training but things haven’t really improved?
  • We sent ITSM people onto the training but the Agile, DevOps and senior leadership don’t see the value of ITIL! How do we get them on-board?
  • We have the certificate but what now?
Answering these questions takes time, effort, frustration and sometimes pain…..or does it!
In this session we will explore how, in one day, by using a business simulation game organizations have answered these questions AND captured agreed end-to-end improvements to apply immediately.
A Game!?- Nice to have or NEED to have? Theory to practice, knowledge to results, buy-in and commitment….or do you just want the certificate!

About Paul Wilkinson

Owner/ director of GamingWorks

Paul has been involved in the IT industry for more than 25 years and has a broad background in IT operations, IT management and product innovation and development.
He was an ITIL V2 author and member of the ITIL V3 advisory group.
In 2003, Paul co-founded GamingWorks, designers of Serious Business Simulations, serving a worldwide network.
In this capacity, over the years Paul has facilitated 400+ sims for a wide variety of customers across all different sectors (Telco, Industry, Finance,..). Gamingworks is a long-term partner of CTG.



24 Sep '19

Quartier Papier



Event Location

Quartier Papier
Fabrieksstraat 55/59,

1930 Zaventem

Meet the specialists

Eddy Peters

Senior Process Consultant & ITIL Expert, CTG

Michaël Pilaeten

Learning & Development Manager, CTG

Paul Wilkinson

Owner/ director of GamingWorks


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